Tarsiers and Primate Taxonomy

Basic Primate Taxonomy: *Kingdom: Animalia *Phylum: Chordata *Class: Mammalia *Order: Primates Now here is where it gets interesting The suborder of primates can be described as Prosimian and Anthropoids. Anthropoids are larger and contain monkeys and apes. Prosimians are considered to be early primates that tend to be small, solitary, dependent on olfactory communication, contain […]

Primate News of the Week

Apes only provide food to conspecifics that have previously assisted them Source : Max Planck Institutes for Evolutionary Anthropology and for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig Summary: A behavioral experiment was set up to understand Chimpanzee cooperation. A chimpanzee was given the choice of either providing food to itself and a partner or only […]

Primate of the Week: Orangutans

Pongo Taxonomy Suborder: Haplorhini Infraorder: Simiiformes Superfamily: Hominoidea Family: Hominidae Genus: Pongo Species Pongo abelii Pongo pygmaeus p. morio p. pygmaeus p. wurmbii   Orangutans are great apes located within Southeast Asia. Orangutans are made up of two species; Sumatran orangutan (P. abelii) and Bornean orangutan (P. pygmaeus). They differed based upon phenotype. Sumatran orangutans […]