I am currently an undergraduate student at CSULA studying Primatology. I am currently working on my Anthropology Honors Thesis. With this thesis, I am observing ring tailed lemurs, Lemur catta, at the Los Angeles zoo. I am studying female-to-male agonism under conditions of food abundance at the zoo in order to ascertain the possible causation behind female dominance within lemurs. Female dominance is often explained as a result of extreme female male feeding competition in Madagascar. This theory suggests females became female dominant in order to preserve female feeding priority, and that overt female aggression to males is more frequent in the wild due to greater food scarcity. In captivity, it is expected that a greater proportion of female-male agonism would be comprised of male deference. This project will allow for a comparison between published wild data and my captive data, and thus highlight the possible mechanisms leading to female dominance in lemurs.

My aim is to attend graduate school in Primatology and go to Madagascar!