Primate News of the Week

  • Bonobos may be better representation of last common ancestor with humans than chimps
    • 170429095021_1_540x360.jpg
    • Source: George Washington University
    • Summary: Through the study of the muscular system bonobos suggest a closers link to human ancestors than chimpanzees. Modern humans and common chimpanzees/bonobos split 8 million years ago and chimpanzees and bonobos split 2 million yeas ago. During those 2 million years Chimpanzee and Bonobos evolved different traits and physical characteristics. A new study from the George Washington University suggests Bonobo anatomy is closer to human and likely changed less compared to the Chimpanzees.
    • Read more via Science Daily 
    • Journal Article: Bonobo anatomy reveals stasis and mosaicism in chimpanzee evolution, and supports bonobos as the most appropriate extant model for the common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans
    • DOI: 1038/s41598-017-00548-3
  •  Chimps pass on sponge drinking trick like a family tradition
    • lamon1hr-800x533-1.jpg
    • Source: Science Advances
    • Summary: Chimpanzees are known for developing their own tools and creating their own culture. An example of the spread of a new culture is sponge drinking. Sponge drinking begun six years ago in the Budongo Forest, Uganda. Sponge drinking involves using moss to soak up water and drinking from it. During the time seven chimpanzees pick up this sponge drinking. Six years later the scientists found that 17 chimps have adopted this technique. They also found sponge drinking correlated with having sponge drinking relatives.
    • Read more via New Scientists 
    • Journal Article: Kin-based cultural transmission of tool use in wild chimpanzees




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