What is a primate?

  •  Taxonomy
    • Kingdom: Animalia
    • Phylum: Chordata
    • Class: Mammalia
    • Order: PRIMATE
  • General characteristics
    • Large brain relative to body size
      • Borean-gibbon-when-wet.jpg
    • Binocular vision or Stereoscopic vision
    • Nails instead of claws
      • Stephen-Nashs-titi-monkey-side-profile.jpg
    • Opposable thumbs
      • Siau-Island-tarsier-.jpg
    • Divergent big toe
      • Golden-backed-black-uakari-head-detail.jpg
    • Dermatoglyphs or fingerprints
      • Red-tailed-guenon.jpg
    • Clavicle
    • Post orbital bar
  • Suborders of Primates
    • Prosimians: Lemurs, Lorises, Pottos, Galagos, Tarsiers
      • Male-black-lemur.jpg
    • Anthropoids: Monkeys, Apes, Humans
      • Western-lowland-gorilla-sitting-in-clearing.jpg



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