Primates news of the week

  • Flat footed competitors have fighting advantage
    • 134003_web.jpg
    • Source: National Science Foundation
    • Summary: A characteristics that separates apes from other primates are the heel down posture (plantigrade) of their feet. This posture allows support for their body weight and may acts as a way for more swing force when fighting. The position of the food suggests humans/apes are specialized for some level of aggressive behaviors.
    • Read more via EurekAlert
  • Howler monkey may owe their color vision to leaf hue
    • 022117_lh_howlermonkey_main_free.jpg
    • Source: Science News
    • Summary: Reddish young leaves may have led to howler monkeys full spectrum color vision. Through this color vision they can tell red from green leaves and allow howler monkey (mantled howler monkeys) to pick out more nutritrious young leaves. This likely was adaptive for the diet and why other new world monkeys did not need color vision since they were insectivore.
    • Read more via Science News
  • Low status chimps revealed as trendsetters
    • 021717_BB_chimpanzee_main.jpgSource: Science News
    • Summary: In studying captive chimps, Stuart Watson found that when a new method of food snagging spread among many individuals who saw a low ranking female showing the behavior while when a alpha male illustrated this behavior few chimps followed this behavior.
    • Read more via Science News
    • DOI: 1002/ajp.22642
  • Can facial recognition system help save lemurs
    • 133493_web.jpg
    • Source: Michigan University
    • Summary: Biometric systems may help in conservation. Anil Hain suggested using human facial recognition system to create lemur face ID this could help with long term research of endangered species in accost effective and accurate method of identification
    • Read more via EurekAlert
    • DOI: 10.1186/s40850-016-0011-9

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