Primate News of the Week

  • Monkey fights help explain tipping points in animal societies
    • Source: Santa Fe Institute
    • 132875_web.jpg
    • Summary: Through studying pigtail macaque monkeys within a captive in order to establish if there was a critical point of monkey conflict behaviors that predicted large scale brawls and critical points within monkey society that could lead to entirely new monkey regime. These findings could also point to how animal society reach critical points and how group sensitivity may lead to the crossing of the critical point leading ot rapid evolution
    • Read via EurekAlert
    • DOI: 1038/NCOMMS14301
  • Dogs and capuchins judge you as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, hint at the birth of human morality
    • Source: Kyoto University
    • 5694693568_e16a7cafac_b.jpg
    • Summary: Tests on both dogs and capuchins were used to show how both species use social evaluation. Capuchins were first tested to see if the preferred “good people” and their understanding of fairness. Two actors were used, if the capuchins observed one actor not helping the other they refused food from them, however if they did help the capuchins had no preference. Following this dogs were
    • Read via ZME Science
    • DOI: 1016/j.neubiorev.2017.01.003

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